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  • Wildflower
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  • Jennie Harney
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Written by Jason Michael Webb and Lelund Thompson. Music By Jason Michael Webb. 

Originally sung by Tshidi Maye. 

  • Legendary Love
  • -
  • Jennie Harney
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Written by Jason Michael Webb, Lelund Thompson and Jennie Harney. Music By Jason Michael Webb.


In 2013 Jennie was a featured artist on a collaboartive album by The FAMILY ONE. A french Youth Outreach Gospel Choir. Here is "For All You've Done" a Duets. Jennie starts the song with a solo. 

In 2005 Jennie won 1st Place in the Sony BMG Song writing Scholarship competition with this song. Most recently Jennie Performed this song at The Christian Cultural Center in NYC. 

Theater Instructor
Vocal Coach
Voice Over Actor

Concert Singer


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